Voya Tools & Calculators

My Retirement Overview

How much do you need to save today for a comfortable tomorrow?​


My Orange Money

Check out myOrangeMoney® to see how much money you’ll need in retirement and whether you’re on track.


Budget Calculator

Get your 50/30/20 budget and then personalize it to your priorities and situation.


College Savings Calculator

Saving for college is about planning and being prepared with a long term plan.​


Life Insurance Needs Calculator

Life insurance helps protect more than just you.​


Roth IRA Conversion Calculator

Want to know how converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA would affect your account?


RMD Calculator

Use our RMD Calculator to estimate your annual Required Minimum Distribution​.


Inherited IRA RMD Calculator

Determine the Required Minimum Distribution on your inherited retirement account.


Investor Type

Determine the type of investor you may be and the portfolio that makes sense.


Voya Retire Better® Blog

Arming you with practical tips and insights to help you to and through retirement.


Voya Cares®

Voya Cares® is focused on delivering access to special needs financial planning resources to help advance the financial well-being of those with special needs or disabilities and their caregivers.


Voya Learn™

​Join our instructors for a live, interactive session on a variety of financial wellness topics.


Voya Learn™ en Español

Aprenda los conceptos básicos de cómo empezar con un presupuesto.